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Our first priority is to maintain the safety and comfort of our guests and we care about the trash, each of our guides and porters who bring trash home will have a reward from us.

We believe that with our experience and expertise, we have been able to provide a trekking experience that they will not get anywhere else, and we will ensure that you will experience all the trekking places and enjoy your time in the best possible way. We have led many trekking tours and all customers are satisfied with the service. Most of our customers have shared positive reviews about our services and that is why Rinjani Samalas has a good reputation online. Make sure that you check out our packages below and choose the one that meets your needs perfectly.



Are you a beginner trekker? Then you can’t afford to miss out on this swashbuckling trekking activity to Crater Rim Senaru. Just for 2 days and 1 night, you get to explore many unimaginable things and enjoy the best moments of life. Families with kids can opt for this package and have fun times with their kids. This is a trekking package to Mount Rinjani through Senaru Village.


Rinjani Trekking Summit 2 Days 1 Night package is one you can’t resist if you maintain a good level of fitness. Trekking is fun, especially when you have much to uncover, Our Rinjani Trekking Summit 2 Days 1 Night package starts through Sembalun Village to Sembalun Crater Rim at night. With this package, we kick off early in the morning at 2nd day and climb the Summit, then down to Sembalun village.


One of the best ways to enjoy your trip to Mount Rinjani is to kick off from Sembalum and get down to Senaru Village. Rinjani Trek Summit – Lake 3 Days 2 Nights starts via Sembalun Village to Summit, Segara Anak Lake, Senaru Crater Rim and down to Senaru Village. This is an ideal package for someone in a reasonable level of fitness who wishes to trek and explore Mount Rinjani.


It’s evident that Mount Rinjani has so much to offer you that you would want to take an extra day to enjoy the 4 days 3 nights via Sembalun, Summit, Lake, Hot Spring, and finishes at Senaru. This package most trekkers choose as it comes with a slower trekking pace and is just ideal for both beginner and experienced trekkers or those who love to spend more time exploring all the nice spots at Mount Rinjani.

The Mount Rinjani is located in the North Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara Indonesia. The height of the mountain is 3726 meters. It is the second-highest mountain in Indonesia and the biggest attraction is that it has a volcano inside. It means that you will be trekking on the burning lava which will enhance your excitement level.

Once you will get on the trekking path we will take you to all the important regions where you can explore the amazing water attractions, nature reserves, and much more. You can start the journey from any location that you like which can be the Mount Rinjani National Park or the Taman Nasional Gunung Rinjani. It has been regarded as the official geopark of the world by UNESCO in 2008.


We will take you one the best journey of your life where you will get the chance to experience the volcano in its natural form. Lombok is one of the most famous tourist locations and there is no zoo in this destination. This is the reason that you will get the chance to explore the animals in the natural habitat. There are many amazing species that you will find on the location and you will simply fall in love with their beauty. The animals will not harm you and our expert will give you a proper guideline on you have to approach the animals to assure that they will not feel scared and hurt you. The professionals will give you the information regarding species that you will find during the trekking.


You might have been wondering that with the live volcano and rainy conditions when we will be taking you for the trip. Here is our complete guideline that will help you understand how our experts will manage your tour.

  1. The park is closed from January to March because it is the rainy season and because of the heavy rainfall, the treks are not very safe for a trip.

  2. From April to November it is the dry season and the best time for trekking. The Mountain is mostly safe, and you will find it easier to climb the area

  3. Regarding the volcano, our experts get complete information for the weather specialists in the area before giving you the dates for the trip. If there are signs of volcano eruption we will assure you that we do not make the trip because your safety is more important to us.

  4. Even in the dry season, it might rain a little bit which will make the path slippery. Do not worry because we have all the required tools and gadgets that will keep you safe and protect you from slipping on the rocks.

If you are a serious trekker and want to enjoy most of the time in the mountains it is advised that you spend 3 nights on the mountain. It will provide you the chance to explore all the beautiful locations on the trek. You can start with the crater rim and visit the lakeshore, summit, and much more. The more time you will spend on the mountain the more you will get the chance to explore everything that it has been hiding for years.



Most of the beginners ask us whether it is hard to climb the mountain or not. As a beginner, it might seem hard to you. However, following the given guideline will make the process easy for you.

  1. In the beginning, keep your pace slow and always take the easy path so you will not get tired

  2. Assure that you walk for short intervals because it will help you to cover most of the area of the mountain

  3. It is better to carry no weight is the beginning and as your body gets used to trekking you can carry some of your items. It would be better if you carry no more than 10 kg weight.

With Rinjani Samalas you will have the best trekking experience. We will assure that you will not have to carry most of the weight because all the trekking and camping equipment will be provided by us. It means that you will not have to deal with any kind of extra load or weight that would make it hard for you to trek. If you are beginner will assure that your body is properly trained so that you will not have to deal with any issues on your way. We will turn you into an expert trekker in limited time to assure that you will stop worrying about your luggage and safety and start enjoying the mountain and the beauty that it withholds.